Session 1

Opening of the 29th Bled Course

Session 2

Introduction of the participants

Session 3

Becoming the hero of your own story: Teaching and learning about resilience in family medicine

Yonah Yaphe

Keynote 1
Session 4

Group work – exercise, based on keynote 1

Session 5

How to implement the thriving at work standards in your workplace

Ruth Kalda

Keynote 2
Session 6

Group work: exercise, based on keynote 2

Session 7

Field work: Home visits to Health Centre Bled patients

Session 8

Building resilience in family medicine by widening the clinical team

Alan Shirley

Keynote 3
Session 9

Group work: exercise, based on keynote 3

Session 10

Field work: Home visits to Bled patients (video consultation)

Session 11

Group work on field work

Session 12

Group work: preparing final module


Joker Session

Igor Švab

Keynote 4
Session 14

Group work (preparing final module)

Session 15

Groups Module presentations

Session 16

Feedback, evaluation of the course

Session 17

Closure of the course

Social Events

During conference:

  • Bled sightseeing,
  • vine inspection,
  • farewell dinner and
  • some surprises will take place.

During the fieldwork you will have the opportunity to visit local family doctors and practices as well local primary health care centre in Bled.