32nd Janko Kersnik EURACT Bled course

Bled, Slovenia
20. – 23. SEPTEMBER 2023

With regard to the epidemiologic situation and a limited travelling opportunity, the 31st Janko Kersnik Bled course is a hybrid course. You are welcome to participate in-person, if all local and international epidemiologic requirements are met. If this is not possible, an online course is available.



31st Janko Kersnik EURACT Bled course
Neo-renaissance in Family medicine

14th – 17th September 2022
Bled, Slovenia

We would like to invite you to
participate in the 31st Janko Kersnik EURACT Bled course
for family medicine teachers.

This year’s topic is


The Bled course is the leading didactic event for family medicine teachers in Europe. It has been held under the patronage of EURACT for 20 years.

Due to the contribution of international participants and an international organising committee, the yearly topics are approached in a multicultural and internationally applicable manner. The product of the course is a “ready to apply” educational module for family medicine students of various educational levels.

The course is held in Bled, in one of the most picturesque
places in Slovenia.  This milieu encourages networking
among experts and is welcoming towards
new attendants.

Social programme committee

Social programme committee

Nena Kopčavar Guček,
MD, PhD, Assoc.Prof., Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vesna Pekarović Džakulin,
MD, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Leopold Zonik,
MD, MSc, Executive Manager of Bled Health Center, Slovenia

Aims and Target Audience

At the end of this course the learner will be able to design a module on teaching and learning family medicine after the pandemic.

Social Events

During course:

  • experiencing Bled,
  • vine inspection,
  • gala dinner and surprises.

During the traditional fieldwork session, you will have the opportunity to visit local Bled Primary Health Care Centre and meet family doctors. If the epidemiological situation allows it, home visits to patients will be organised.

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32nd Janko Kersnik EURACT Bled course
20st to 23rd September 2023
Bled, Slovenia